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Hydropower Turbine Lubricant

VBASE® Hydro T-EL™ is a high-performance environmentally friendly hydropower turbine oil meeting EPA standards for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) according to the 2018 Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA). Hydro T-EL is formulated with a biobased, readily biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-bioaccumulating VBASE® base oil that has achieved USDA Biopreferred status, certified NSF HX-1, and on the EU Ecolabel LuSC-list.

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Hydro T-EL™ Customer Benefits

Thermo-oxidative stability

Long service life across a range of temperatures and enhanced resistance to coking and varnishing

Excellent Solvency

A cleaner product on changeover with reduced varnishing and deposits

Rapid Air Release

Reduced foaming and minimized risk of cavitation in high circulation applications and small reservoirs

Rush and Corrosion

Protection for both steel and yellow metals

Broad Compatibility

Compatibility with base oils, additives, seals and coatings means a reduced risk of fouling, leaks, or salting out of incompatible components

High Viscosity Index

Consistent viscosity across a broad temperature range

High Heat Capacity

Removal of heat from rotating components provides consistent temperature profiles within the lubricating film

High Load Carrying Capacity

Ensures performance across all lubrication regimes with exemplary performance under high speed and pressure

Hydro T-EL Data

Hydro T-EL data

GE Hydro Solutions Global Center of Excellence

GE Hydro Solutions’ Global Center of Excellence in Birr Switzerland verified the performance of VBASE Hydro T-EL on a combined thrust/guide bearing test rig.

GE Renewable Energy test rig at GE Hydro Solutions Center of Excellence in Birr, Switzerland
GE Renewable Energy test rig at GE Hydro Solutions Center of Excellence in Birr, Switzerland

Hydro T-EL performed well in all operating conditions including high load and low speed operation (mixed friction regime). There was no damage to bearing pad surface even after high load test. The rig could not induce failure of the fluid film.

At speeds of 400-800 rpm and applied loads up to 13 MPa, VBASE Hydro T-EL maintained a uniform hydrodynamic film, protecting the bearing and runner surfaces from damage.


When provided with samples of your current formulated oil, the VBASE® team will work with you to validate compatibility to ensure a smooth transition.

If your application requires another viscosity grade or has unique performance demands, contact us for custom formulations of VBASE Hydro T-EL.