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VBASE® Hydro T-EL™

Fully Formulated Hydropower Turbine EAL

VBASE® Hydro T-EL™ is formulated from premium fully saturated synthetic ester hybrid base oil and was designed as a high-performance hydropower turbine oil capable of meeting the EPA standards for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) according to the 2018 Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA).



Hydro T-EL Oils are formulated with a proprietary high-performance base oil and an ashless, zinc-free additive package that provides exceptional thermo-oxidative stability, enhanced lubricity and load carrying, water and air separability, and protection against rust and corrosion.  

With high heat capacity and high viscosity indices, Hydro T-EL oils provide superior protection and lubrication across a broad range of operating temperatures, speeds, and applied loads. High heat capacity provides effective and efficient heat removal from rotating components enabling reduced tailrace water temperatures. High viscosity indices and lower traction coefficients provide improved efficiency in operation enabling reduced water draw. 

Hydro T-EL oils provide excellent load carrying capacity during both boundary lubrication and high speed, high pressure EHD lubrication regimes. This enhanced pressure behavior reduces the risk of wear and bearing contact under severe operating conditions. 



Readily Biodegradable



Hydro T-EL™ Customer Benefits

Thermo-oxidative stability

Long service life across a range of temperatures and enhanced resistance to coking and varnishing

Excellent Solvency

A cleaner product on changeover with reduced varnishing and deposits

Rapid Air Release

Reduced foaming and minimized risk of cavitation in high circulation applications and small reservoirs

Rust and Corrosion

Protection for both steel and yellow metals

Broad compatibility

Compatibility with with base oils, additives, seals, and coatings means a reduced risk of fouling, leaks, or salting out of incompatible components.

High viscosity index

Consistent viscosity across a broad temperature range

High Heat Capacity

Removal of heat from rotating components provides consistent temperature profiles within the lubricating film

High load carrying capacity

Ensures performance across all lubrication regimes with exemplary performance under high speed and pressure

Third Party Comparison Data

In rig testing, the performance of fully formulated Hydro T-EL met and exceeded major OEM turbine requirements. In addition, Hydro T-EL outperformed the industry leading petroleum lubricant. Request a detailed listing of the performance capabilities and comparison data by completing this form.

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VBASE® Hydro T-EL™ Sales and Support

The VBASE® team has extensive analytical capability and expertise. When provided with samples of your current formulated oil, we will work with you to validate compatibility to ensure a smooth transition.

If your application requires another viscosity grade or has unique performance demands, contact us for custom formulations of Hydro T-EL.

Our Planet

Sustainability and Circular Economy
The desire for sustainable solutions for companies in every industry has never been greater, but sustainability is about more than just being safe for our environment. By developing VBASE® oils with improved efficiency and greater stability, oil lifetimes are extended and waste reduced. Sustainable oils also reduce fuel consumption and emissions by increasing overall equipment efficiency. At the end of oil life, VBASE® plans to work with our customers to bring used oil back for reconditioning, repurposing, or remanufacturing. Work to develop methods to maximize reused content in remanufactured oils is ongoing.

As VBASE® grows, it is our goal to develop a supply chain that minimizes environmental impacts of transportation and distribution while maximizing positive effects on local economies by manufacturing in region and sourcing local natural feedstocks.

VBASE Base Oils Enable Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
VBASE® base oils deliver the highest performance and greatest energy savings without compromising our environment. This new family of products enables the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) in many environmentally sensitive areas such as hydropower plants, agricultural & forestry equipment, and marine environments.

VBASE® base oils are biobased (renewable carbon >50%), are readily biodegradable (>60% by OECD 301B), non-toxic (OECD 201, OECD 202, OECD 203, OECD 236), and non-bioaccumulating (OECD 117).

In addition, VBASE base oils are NSF HX-1 and thus suitable for formulation of H1 lubricants for use in and around food processing areas. VBASE 68SLV has been certified EU Ecolabel LuSC List and other base oil certifications are anticipated in the coming months. 

Added to EU Ecolabel LuSC-list (VBASE 68SLV - March 2022). View the press release and further information HERE.

Formulated Lubricants In Development

VBASE HF-AW Hydraulic Fluid/Anti-Wear (Coming Soon)

VBASE HF-AW Hydraulic Fluid/Anti-Wear (Coming Soon)

VBASE Eco-UTF  Universal Tractor Fluid (Coming Soon)

VBASE Eco-UTF Universal Tractor Fluid (Coming Soon)

As a base oil, VBASE is available across a range of viscosity grades (ISO 32-460) and provides miscibility with all major base oils, easy formulation, and excellent solvency. VBASE lubes and base oils provide superior lubricating performance without compromising the need for bioderived, biodegradable, and non-toxic products.

Hydropower Turbine
Steam & Gas Turbine
Universal Tractor Fluid