Well-designed lubricants provide superior lubricating performance without compromising the need for bioderived, biodegradable, and non-toxic products. Rather than competing with formulated lubricant providers, VBASE is focused on providing base oils to formulators to enable the rapid development of sustainable solutions.

This new class of high-performance synthetic esters surpasses the performance of both mineral base oils and traditional synthetic ester base oils.  As a base oil, VBASE is available across a range of viscosity grades (ISO 32-460) and provides miscibility with all major base oils, easy formulation, and excellent solvency.

VBASE Hydro T-EL™ is a fully formulated turbine oil tailored to meet the stringent performance demands of hydropower facilities as an environmentally acceptable lubricant.

VBASE Hydro T-EL™ matches the performance characteristics of a traditional Hydropower Turbine oil while eliminating the risk of contamination of public waterways.

VBASE Universal Tractor Fluid and VBASE Hydraulic Fluid are in development.

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