VBASE Oil Receives InnoVision Award

VBASE Oil Company is honored to have been awarded the 2022 InnoVision Sustainability Award presented on November 15th. The InnoVision Awards program is committed to fostering the growth of South Carolina’s innovation economy and showcasing the world-class capabilities and accomplishments of SC innovators.

The Sustainability Award, sponsored by Sonoco, recognizes an organization for an innovative approach to environmental stewardship.  The focus of this award is on innovative technology, processes, and/or business models that promote protection of the earth’s natural resources including renewable energy, renewable materials, reduced energy consumption, or reduced waste.

The field of InnoVision finalists at the awards ceremony clearly showcased the wide array of incredible innnovations and new technologies being developed in here South Carolina. VBASE Oil Company is proud to be among them and excited that the sustainable and high-performance base oils developed by our team are poised to make a global impact.

We are fortunate to be headquartered in SC where the growth in the transportation and energy industries has given VBASE the opportunity to lead the way in sustainable lubricating solutions. With a large number of multinational companies having a footprint in SC, companies like VBASE Oil now have a path to international markets. In SC, working locally is working globally!

VBASE Oil Company CEO, Jeff DiMaio, PhD

VBASE is grateful to the InnoVision team for this honor and a special thanks to Sonoco both for their leadership within the larger sustainability initiatives in SC and, more specifically, for their sponsorship of the InnoVision Sustainability Award.

Built for sustainable and circular practices, VBASE® Oil Company produces base oils and lubricants that outperform traditional products but are biobased, biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-bioaccumulating. VBASE® base oils are USDA Biopreferred and certified NSF HX-1 for use in food grade lubricants. Based on new Secondary Polyol Ester™ technology, VBASE base oils provide exceptional hydrolytic stability, increased efficiency, and broad compatibility to enable the formulation of high-performance Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) for use in a variety of industries.

Meet your sustainability goals without compromising on performance. Contact our team to learn more.