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A New Class of High-Performance Synthetic Esters

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A New Class of High-Performance Synthetic Esters






VBASE Lubes & Base Oils


VBASE Performance is achieved through its novel proprietary molecular structure.

Designed for harsh environments but environmentally friendly, VBASE™ lubes and base oils are a new class of simple synthetic esters exhibiting superior high temperature and hydrolytic stability with exceptional cold weather performance. VBASE expands the availability of saturated simple synthetic esters to ISO Viscosity Grades from 32-460 with excellent lubricity and all-season performance.

Esters have long been known to provide high VI and high shear stability leading to more efficient operation of fluid power systems. Due to their molecular structure, VBASE™ lubricants may provide reductions in viscous drag generating efficiency gains beyond those noted in common ester fluids. VBASE™ base oils provide enhanced lubrication and performance across boundary, mixed, and hydrodynamic lubrication regimes.

With a novel molecular structure, VBASE™ lubricants provide enhanced thermo-oxidative and hydrolytic stability compared to other Group V base oils. VBASE™ base oils achieve higher viscosity grades (ISO VG 46-100) without utilizing complex esters or viscosity modifiers and maintain cold temperature stability with saturated fatty acid components, further bolstering their in-service stability.

VBASE™ lubricants are compatible with most conventional lubricants enabling seamless change over. As synthetic esters, VBASE™ lubricants have high solubilizing power for polar contaminants and additives without phase separation. VBASE™ lubricants show good seal and paint compatibility (John Deere Fluid Resistance Testing and Caterpillar Fluid Immersion Resistance Testing). With superior compatibility, VBASE™ lubricants can be used as a performance boosting compatibilizer/additive or utilized in a stand-alone formulation like VBASE™ Hydro T-EL. For compatibility testing with VBASE™ lubricants, contact us today.

Designed for performance first, all VBASE products are environmentally acceptable lubricants and suitable for use in many environmentally sensitive areas such as hydropower plants, agricultural, forestry, and marine environments. VBASE™ lubricants have high inclusion of renewable carbon (>50%), are biodegradable (>60% by OECD 301B), non-toxic, and do not bioaccumulate.

VBASE™ lubricants are high performance, environmentally acceptable fluids that deliver renewable solutions without trade-offs in performance, price, or availability. VBASE™ lubricants are available in drum, tote, and bulk quantities.

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Hydropower Turbine
Steam & Gas Turbine
Universal Tractor Fluid


Extensive Analytical Laboratories and Expertise ready to support our customers

  • Compatibility Testing

    When choosing an oil, compatibility of new oils with seals, paints, and oils at change over is an important concern. The VBASE team will work with you to validate fluid compatibility, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Tech service to Formulators

    We understand developing a lubricant with a new base oil is a commitment on our customers' part and we are prepared to meet that commitment with a high level of technical support by providing testing and characterization.


    Contact Us for support to bring your formulation to market.


Our Planet

Sustainability and Circular Economy

The desire for sustainable solutions for companies in every industry has never been greater, but sustainability is about more than just being safe for our environment. By developing VBASE oils with improved efficiency and greater stability, oil lifetimes are extended and waste reduced. Sustainable oils also reduce fuel consumption and emissions by increasing overall equipment efficiency. At the end of oil life, VBASE plans to work with our customers to bring used oil back for reconditioning, repurposing, or remanufacturing. Work to develop methods to maximize reused content in remanufactured oils is ongoing.

As VBASE grows, it is our goal to develop a supply chain that minimizes environmental impacts of transportation and distribution while maximizing positive effects on local economies by manufacturing in region and sourcing local natural feedstocks. 

Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants

VBASE™ strives to produce oils that deliver the highest performance and greatest energy savings without compromising our environment. This new family of products enables the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) in many environmentally sensitive areas such as hydropower plants, agricultural & forestry equipment, and marine environments.

VBASE™ lubricants have high inclusion of renewable carbon (>50%), are biodegradable (>60% by OECD 301B), non-toxic (OECD 201, OECD 202, OECD 203, OECD 236), and do not bioaccumulate (OECD 117).

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VBASE Lubes & Base Oils

Press Release: Tetramer Earns USDA Certified Biobased Product Label

Pendleton, SC. (July 15, 2020) — Tetramer Technologies LLC has earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label. The product, VBASE™, is now able to display a unique USDA label that highlights its percentage of biobased content. Third-party ...